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Best brothers

AMANDA SAYS Zac shows me that he passed over from kidney failure. He leaves behind his brother Bailey. Zac has a very strong personalit­y and Bailey just went along with whatever Zac wanted. Zac and Bailey are still connected. They agree their longevity is due to the fact they’re both very well looked after. These two loved each other very much. Zac talks about his family, and how much he loves his mum, dad and two human siblings. Linda’s dad comes through with Zac and wants her to know they’re together. Linda’s dad then brings through lots of other dogs and a cat called Coco, who tells me she was hit by a vehicle. Linda was devastated when Coco passed a few years ago.

LINDA SAYS When I lost my precious little boy Zac, I found it extremely hard to cope with, and I still do a year and a half later. I needed to know if he knew how much we loved him and wish we could have kept him forever, but we knew how sick he was and we had to make that decision quickly. I wanted to know he was out of pain and happy, and that he didn’t blame us. I was very emotional having the reading. I take comfort in knowing he’s with my dad, and he’s happy and not in pain. Amanda was so accurate!

If you’d like a reading, write to Amanda at Woman’s Day, GPO Box 5245, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia or email womansday@aremedia.com.au with your name, photo and number.

 ?? ?? Zac is no longer in pain.
Zac is no longer in pain.
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