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The Nine Perfect Strangers actress stars in The Valet, streaming on Disney+ from Friday


What made you want to star in a romantic comedy like The Valet?

I was looking for a rom-com to really sink my teeth into. It’s a genre I hadn’t really explored properly. I had read some scripts, but I just wasn’t blown away until this one. It is really heart-warming, sweet and quirky, which I really liked.

Are you a rom-com fan?

I love them! Anything with Julia Roberts from the ’90s is my favourite. There was a big surge of them in the noughties, but I feel like they’ve dropped off in recent times.

Did you try to channel Julia for the role?

Not really. I think I was too busy being stressed and nervous because being funny is a very difficult thing to do. Diving headfirst into a comedy for the first time, all I was thinking was trying to make people laugh.

Your character Olivia is also a famous actress, but she’s quite vain and caught up in the fame. What was that like?

I’d hope she’s different from me! It was really fun playing someone who completely lost themselves and is quite selfish. I have a simple rule: Don’t be a dingdong. Sure, this work can get stressful, but I don’t think there’s ever a reason to be a dick. I’m lucky I’ve got a lot of people who keep me grounded.

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 ?? ?? As love cheat Olivia with fake boyfriend Antonio.
As love cheat Olivia with fake boyfriend Antonio.

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