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Turns out the Apple can well and truly fall far from the tree


A stressed-out Gwyneth Paltrow was snapped heading to dinner with her mum Blythe Danner in the Hamptons, New York, on August 16, just days after police were called to the 49-year-old actress’ nearby Amagansett estate to shut down a wild party thrown by her teenage daughter Apple.

Being the child of two huge stars can’t be easy, and family sources say the 18-yearold is constantly feeling the pressure, so she was no doubt keen to cut loose! “Apple invited too many friends to her mum’s house, and things got out of hand,” revealed an insider of the college student, who reportedly had around 50 friends over to the pricey pad.

“ey were partying like rock stars and making so much noise that multiple neighbours were furious and called the police, who shut the party down.”


A rock star is exactly what sources say Apple is keen to become, with sources revealing she is keen to follow in the musical footsteps of her father – Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

As Apple grew up looking like a chip o her mum’s block, Gwyneth, insiders say, was convinced her daughter would follow both her and her grandma Blythe Danner, 79, into acting. It was a source of pride for Gwyn, and she enjoyed telling Chris that their girl would grow up to be just like her side of the family and continue that dynasty.

ose closest to the family insist it’s come as a massive shock to both Blythe and Gwyneth that Apple’s actually more into music like her dad. “Blythe’s blaming Gwyn for not pushing Apple harder towards the family legacy, which her mum’s not taking very well,” says the source. “It’s a source of friction between them.”

But insiders say free-spirited Apple “couldn’t care less” about all the fuss. “She’s not interested in following her mum and is determined to be her own person,” says the source. And throw impressive parties, clearly!

 ?? ?? Gwyneth is worried her daughter (far left) is going to give her hell over the next few years.
Gwyneth is worried her daughter (far left) is going to give her hell over the next few years.
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