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Q My family feels like it’s been cursed. Will there be a happy ending after all we’ve been through? Will my daughter find everlastin­g love? Stressed mum

MITCHELL SAYS I feel upstairs has a lot of love for your family and you are all very protected. I know you’ve been faced with some hard knocks and had some difficulti­es to overcome, but better days are ahead. I feel a breakthrou­gh is near and there will be a lot of happiness around your family in December and March. I’m not being given a timeline, but I can see your daughter finding love. She will meet someone special from out of the blue and they will be a comfort to each other. I feel your son will really grow in himself over the next year. He will have some realisatio­ns that will motivate him to become the best person and father he can be. Try not to worry.

Q I lost my husband 24 years ago with motor neurone disease. Is he happy and does he have any messages for me? Please tell him I am sorry for everything. Kathleen

MITCHELL SAYS Your lovely husband Bill is holding a beautiful red rose and tells me it is for you. He says he loves you very much. He wants you to know that you have nothing to be sorry for – he does not want you to carry any burdens connected to his passing. Your husband tells me you were a great comfort to him, more than you know. He is saying thank you for all the love and care you gave to him. Bill is smiling and says he will always be by your side whenever you need him. He also says you have a lot of good fortune to look forward to in the future.

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