Four ways with faux fur

Your Home and Garden - - Contents - Cre­ated by Vanessa Nouwens. Pho­tog­ra­phy by Wendy Fen­wick.


To make this open-back en­ve­lope cush­ion cover, take a piece of 100cm x 50cm faux fur. Place a 50cm x 50cm cush­ion insert on the fluffy side and wrap the two ends over it so they over­lap. Pin side seams to se­cure, then re­move insert. Sew down the sides of the cover, turn right way out and rein­sert cush­ion.


Cut a 34cm x 24cm rec­tan­gle and a 12cm­di­am­e­ter cir­cle out of faux fur. Fold large piece in half, fur-side in, and sew down long side. Sew round piece, fur-side in, to one end to cre­ate bot­tom of door stop. Turn right side out. Take a large snap-lock bag, fill with rice, seal at top and pop into pouch. Fold in top edges and insert a 16cm satin rib­bon folded in half, then sew to close top. The rib­bon loop acts as a han­dle for the door stop.


Take a piece of faux fur large enough to cover top and sides of your bench seat plus an ex­tra 5cm all round. Lay on floor, fur-side down. Place seat up­side down on top of fab­ric; po­si­tion it so you have room to pull fab­ric up on all four sides. Start­ing with each end, use a sta­ple gun to se­cure fur to un­der­side of seat. Then work your way down the sides. There are a few ways to deal with the cor­ners: we folded the ends on an an­gle and se­cured un­der­neath.


Take a 56cm x 50cm piece of faux fur; use selvedge (non­fray­ing edge) for one of the long sides. Fold in half, fur-side in. Make sure the selvedge is at the top. Sew down the long side and along the bot­tom. Turn right way out. Pop in your bot­tle and tie a 95cm satin or vel­vet rib­bon around the neck. This is an easy project that can be com­pleted in 15 min­utes.

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