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Here at Your Home and Gar­den we of­ten talk about liv­ing more mind­fully and cre­at­ing a rest­ful re­treat away from the stresses of mod­ern life. Al­though it may sound counter-in­tu­itive, in­tro­duc­ing new tech­nol­ogy into the home can help you do ex­actly that, by sav­ing you time and stream­lin­ing tasks. How­ever, the thought of get­ting to grips with the lat­est piece of tech can of­ten feel daunt­ing and al­most like more trou­ble than it’s worth. But the ques­tion you have to ask is: will it help me and my fam­ily save time and live bet­ter and, in­deed, sim­pler well into the fu­ture? If the an­swer is ‘Yes’, it’s so worth the in­vest­ment.

Stop putting tech­nol­ogy in the too-hard bas­ket and live smarter with Noel Leem­ing’s

Tech So­lu­tions ser­vice for the home

Soon after I moved house I no­ticed I was chew­ing through my phone data. Our in­ter­net con­nec­tion seemed fine, and my phone ap­peared

to be con­nected to it when­ever I checked, so I was pretty puz­zled. Our in­ter­net provider couldn’t fig­ure it out ei­ther so I ended up get­ting a Noel Leem­ing Tech So­lu­tions Spe­cial­ist around and they quickly dis­cov­ered our wifi con­nec­tion was drop­ping in and out mul­ti­ple times a day and the 3G was kick­ing in on my phone

to com­pen­sate (un­be­knownst to me!). The Tech So­lu­tions Spe­cial­ist sug­gested a newer, faster mo­dem plus an Orbi range ex­ten­der and even re­con­nected all our de­vices, and we haven’t had a prob­lem since. What seemed like a big, com­pli­cated prob­lem ac­tu­ally wasn’t at all – I just

wish I’d called them sooner.

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