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+ How much have you spent dec­o­rat­ing and tweak­ing your home? About $2000.

+ How did your bud­get fore­cast com­pare to your ac­tual spend? We were lucky as Pete is a painter and plas­terer so he was able to do most of the work him­self. We knew it was just a case of pur­chas­ing paint and a few build­ing ma­te­ri­als. We paid a lo­cal builder to make some more stor­age and shelv­ing units for my stu­dio.

+ Do you tend to buy high-end home­ware or seek out a bar­gain? A bit of both. These days I tend to only buy pieces I love, re­gard­less of whether it’s from a high-end home­ware store, Kmart or a sec­ond­hand shop. I think it’s nice to have a mix of old and new. I also have my own cre­ations around the house.

+ Best ad­vice when it comes to spend­ing money on a home? For resale, con­sider your street ap­peal, as it’s the first im­pres­sion peo­ple get of a home. Plant as soon as you can – it takes years to cre­ate an es­tab­lished gar­den. And great stor­age is a must. A home should be prac­ti­cal and work for your needs.

+ How did you keep track of costs dur­ing the re­dec­o­ra­tion? Pete is the num­bers man; he al­ways keeps a run­ning tally in his head.

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