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Syd­ney-based Ge­orgina is the founder and ed­i­tor of on­line magazine The Plan­thunter

The Plan­thunter ex­plores the re­la­tion­ship be­tween plants and peo­ple. How do peo­ple ben­e­fit from hav­ing a life filled with plants? The bonds be­tween peo­ple and plants, while of­ten hard to ar­tic­u­late or quan­tify, run in­cred­i­bly deep. Firstly, if plants don’t ex­ist, we don’t ex­ist. That’s enough of an im­pe­tus to live a life sur­rounded by plants, right? Se­condly, tend­ing to plants teaches so many lessons about the in­tri­cate con­nec­tions be­tween all life. The poet Stan­ley Ku­nitz once wrote, ‘The uni­verse is a con­tin­u­ous web, touch it at any point and the whole web quiv­ers.’ I love this sen­tence, be­cause it il­lus­trates both the in­cred­i­ble beauty and fragility of ex­is­tence, and the in­ter­con­nect­ed­ness of all life. Plants, and the act of gar­den­ing, teach us about life and per­spec­tive in a way few other pur­suits can.

On the flip side, do plants ben­e­fit from be­ing around peo­ple? I guess it de­pends on con­text. An in­door plant needs peo­ple oth­er­wise it’ll die a long, slow death due to star­va­tion. But peo­ple, clearly, are not al­ways good for plants. I imag­ine the mil­lions of trees that have lived for cen­turies – stand­ing tall and silent in forests, along rivers, in bush­lands – that have been razed to the ground as a re­sult of mind­less hu­man de­sires. They clearly haven’t ben­e­fit­ted from be­ing around peo­ple.

What are some of your favourite in­door plants?

I love Hoyas. They’re sub­tle and beau­ti­ful and tough. Then there’s Rhip­salis – I’ve got plenty of them. And Lepis­mium, Peper­o­mia and more. I love them all, and have an ever-re­volv­ing col­lec­tion hang­ing out in my liv­ing room and kitchen.

EX­TRACTED FROM LEAF SUP­PLY - A GUIDE TO KEEP­ING HAPPY HOUSE­PLANTS by Lau­ren Camil­leri and Sophia Kaplan, $59.99. Pub­lished by Smith Street Books.

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