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+ The use of colour is very im­por­tant in Ba­li­nese cul­ture. Many colours carry pow­er­ful sym­bolic as­so­ci­a­tions drawn from Hindu or Bud­dhist be­liefs, but nat­u­ral colours such as blue, ochre and green are also com­mon. Choose shades like these that are from nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring el­e­ments such as leaves, wood and clay.

+ If you’re choos­ing a large range of paint colours sim­i­lar to the pal­ette fea­tured in this home, keep the in­te­rior sheens the same to give the sur­faces a com­mon el­e­ment. Re­sene Zy­lone Sheen is a pop­u­lar low-sheen, wa­ter­borne fin­ish.

+ Painted sur­faces in Bali fea­ture an im­per­fect, aged look. View the Re­sene range of paint ef­fects on­line at re­­ef­fects and learn how to get a sim­i­lar look us­ing ef­fects such as spong­ing, colour-wash­ing, rag-rolling and lime-wash­ing. + While few of us con­sider do­ing it, paint­ing the ex­te­rior of your home a fea­ture colour can cre­ate a dis­tinc­tive look that’s deeply sat­is­fy­ing if the colour is mean­ing­ful to you. Se­lect one Re­sene colour that has rich depth or beau­ti­ful bright­ness, and choose an­other com­ple­men­tary Re­sene colour to use spar­ingly. In this case, the home­owner has cho­sen a highly pig­mented yel­low and a deep ma­genta pink.

yhg Fold­able sea­grassbas­ket, $14, from Kmart. Vin­tage Turk­ish kilimcush­ion, $149, from Ev­ery­day Needs.Elm­wood bench,$425, from Indie HomeCol­lec­tive.COLOUR PAL­ETTERE­SENE ‘Blue La­goon’ RE­SENE‘Ebb’RE­SENE ‘Half Rice Cake’Palm lamp­shade in nat­u­ral, $149, from IndieHome Col­lec­tive. Gava Grande planter, from $139, from Citta.RE­SENE ‘Moon Yel­low’

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