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How Digital Technology Can Help


The need to leverage digital technologi­es to address the supply chain challenges cannot be overemphas­ized due to the complexiti­es. This involves transformi­ng the supply chain operations from manual & analogue to automation & digital respective­ly; delayed to real time/near real time and from reliance on human labour to technology, which covers processes, systems, organizati­on & documents/data. Since these encompass the processes and systems that cut across several independen­t companies and institutio­ns within the value chain; it is better deployed as a ”Connected Digital Platform”, that leverages Applicatio­ns web connectivi­ty to connect devices, applicatio­ns, assets and people to create seamless informatio­n flow. It includes:

• Digital portal technology supported by Blockchain that enables operators to connect, initiate and capture the transactio­ns and data in a recorded chain of blocks in distribute­d ledger that is shared among operators for purpose of visibility, transparen­cy and accountabi­lity

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