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Facebook’s Nigeria team testing Sabee educationa­l app to support online learning


Charles Abuede

Sabee, a new educationa­l app targeted at learners across West African countries is ready to be launched by Facebook’s Nigerian team with the aim to connect learners and educators in an online community to make the teaching and learning process more accessible.

This comes after the social media giant disclosed last year that it plans to open an office in Lagos, Nigeria as part of its investment­s in the African continent while its Nigerian team has been involved in the developmen­t of new products, and including other apps like CathUp, a calling app which never survived long enough to become a mainstream product. Emeka Okafor, Facebook’s Product Lead, revealed that Sabee is still a small test designed to help them understand how to build communitie­s that can make education accessible.

In his revelation­s, Sabee, unlike other apps, is tied to Facebook’s strategic goal of empowering communitie­s across Africa which is hoped will become part of its user base. He also said Facebook’s team is also working to ensure the product supports 2G offerings, serving groups that have a harder time connecting to the Internet.

A bigger picture into the latest developmen­t from Facebook points to the fact that the rise in online learning on the back of the

coronaviru­s will see a boost in Nigeria and across the continent as edtech startups are now seeing bigger boosts in fundings and also helping to reduce the rate of outof-school children in Nigeria.

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