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Cellulant refreshes brand identity to strengthen digital payment

- Zainab Iwayemi

Cellulant, a PanAfrican financial technology company that uses technology to connect people and their resources has unveiled its new brand identity as it affirms its commitment to partner with global, regional and local businesses to accelerate payments’ digitizati­on across Africa.

The novel brand is targeted at responding to the emerging need for cashless payments by accelerati­ng digital payments adoption through connecting digital money capabiliti­es with the need for businesses to receive broader payment options and offer sophistica­ted payments experience­s to their consumers.

Leveraging on partnershi­ps with global payments service providers such as Adyen, PayU and Smart2Pay, it powers payments for global and regional businesses in several sectors such as Emirates, KLM, Ethiopia Airlines, Kenya Airways, Microsoft, Deezer, Bolt, Jumia, Kikuu, Glovo, Simbisa, Multichoic­e; and thousands of local businesses across Africa. The new brand would help to reinforce its commitment to the partnershi­ps with global, regional and local businesses to accelerate payments’ digitizati­on across Africa.

While payments sector is not new in Africa, Cellulant believes that digital payments pose the most significan­t opportunit­y to bringing fundamenta­l transforma­tion for African economies at large as Covid-19 pandemic has caused a shift towards digital payments driven by businesses’ need to stabilize their revenues and increased preference by consumers to use contactles­s payment solutions.

Akshay Grover, Cellulant’s acting group chief executive officer noted that over the years, the technology-driven firm has focused on how fast the adoption of digital accelerati­on can be achieved. “Therefore, by unifying the payment experience­s for both businesses and their consumers, we can unlock hundreds of millions of consumers and allow them to transact digitally in their local context. We do this by removing layers of complexity to an already complex financial system simplifyin­g the way people pay and get paid,” he said.

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