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is to ar­tic­u­late, ad­vo­cate and pro­vide fresh and rad­i­cal per­spec­tives, ideas, views and even paradigms for Africa and Africans as­sump­tion of pri­mary re­spon­si­bil­ity for na­tional...

THE PUR­POSE OF THIS COL­UMN is to ar­tic­u­late, ad­vo­cate and pro­vide fresh and rad­i­cal per­spec­tives, ideas, views and even paradigms for Africa and Africans as­sump­tion of pri­mary re­spon­si­bil­ity for na­tional and con­ti­nen­tal ad­vance­ment and self-trans­for­ma­tion. These per­spec­tives will be ar­tic­u­lated with knowl­edge and con­scious­ness of Africa’s present com­plex state of de­vel­op­ment. Its his­tor­i­cal her­itage from an­cient times of the au­tonomous con­cep­tion and cre­ation of ad­vanced so­ci­eties like Egypt, Kush, Axum, An­cient Ghana, Mali, Song­hai, Kanem- Borno, Benin Em­pire, Asante, Oyo, Zulu King­dom, Mwen­e­mat­apa King­dom and oth­ers; and the de­ci­sive and dis­rup­tive im­pact of the colo­nial in­ter­ven­tion, its psy­cho­log­i­cal at­tack on and diminu­tion of African agency and its dis­em­pow­er­ing re­con­sti­tu­tion of Africa, will all be cre­atively in­cor­po­rated into the lib­er­a­tory per­spec­tives ad­vanced in the col­umn. The other com­po­nent of the colo­nial in­ter­lude, that is African strug­gles against colo­nial au­thor­i­tar­i­an­ism and more pos­i­tively the de­vel­op­ment of anti-colo­nial na­tion­al­ism for in­de­pen­dence and free­dom and above all their or­ga­ni­za­tional and cam­paign ac­tiv­i­ties that ac­ti­vated anti-colo­nial sen­ti­ments, ideas and out­looks. These African na­tion­al­ist ef­forts in turn fos­tered the growth of a com­mon ter­ri­to­rial con­scious­ness for the na­tion­al­ism of the pe­riod. These var­i­ous as­pects will be ap­plied as nec­es­sary. But the colo­nial pe­riod was also the seedbed of the emer­gence and growth of colo­nial trib­al­ism, ma­nip­u­la­tive eth­nic­ity and the main­stream­ing of these el­e­ments as the pri­mary in­stru­ments of po­lit­i­cal com­pe­ti­tion among the emer­gent po­lit­i­cal elite. The corol­lary was the im­plan­ta­tion of fis­si­parous ten­den­cies in the emer­gent po­lit­i­cal struc­ture and in the be­hav­iour of African politi­cians.

Africa’s Com­plex Present

The com­plex his­tory or story of post-in­de­pen­dence so­cial and eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment com­pris­ing sig­nif­i­cant so­cial strides and in­fras­truc­tural de­vel­op­ments; the re­ten­tion of the colo­nial econ­omy of the pro­duc­tion and ex­port of raw ma­te­ri­als; the non-cre­ation of an au­tonomous de­vel­op­ment ca­pac­i­ta­tion sys­tem; the fail­ure to de­velop; the con­tin­u­ing sub­or­di­na­tion to ex­ter­nal agen­cies anti-de­vel­op­ment dog­mas like pri­va­ti­za­tion, dereg­u­la­tion and wor­ship­ful de­pen­dence on For­eign Di­rect In­vest­ments (FDI) and In­vestors as the pri­mary mo­tor-force of na­tional de­vel­op­ment; poverty al­le­vi­a­tion; non-in­dus­tri­al­iza­tion and the mil­i­tant pro­mo­tion of the dogma of African states’ with­drawal from crit­i­cal in­vest­ment in eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment, all of these ob­sta­cles will in­form the views in the col­umn.

The cur­rent di­alec­ti­cal sit­u­a­tion of ad­vances in the com­mu­ni­ca­tion sec­tors due to the wide-spread avail­abil­ity of the global sys­tem for mo­bile (GSM) and In­for­ma­tion and Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Tech­nol­ogy (ICT) gad­gets in gen­eral have con­trib­uted to strides in the ex­pan­sion of ser­vices in those ar­eas. And the in­creas­ing dig­i­ti­za­tion of var­i­ous African so­ci­eties with im­ported equip­ment but in­creas­ingly the de­vel­op­ment and wide ap­pli­ca­tion of lo­cally made soft wares and apps for var­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties in­clud­ing dig­i­tal bank­ing, ed­u­ca­tion, health, pay roll, and oth­ers. On the other hand, within this ex­cit­ing frame­work there is the per­sis­tence of the con­di­tions of mass im­pov­er­ish­ment of ma­jor­ity of Africans and the loss of hope among vast num­bers of youth and oth­ers about the com­mit­ment of African lead­ers to ad­dress and re­solve the sources of de­spair and frus­tra­tion. This out­look partly ac­counts for the choice and will­ing­ness of our youth and oth­ers to pick the ex­tremely dan­ger­ous op­tion of em­bark­ing on the per­ilous jour­neys cross the deserts and vast bod­ies of wa­ter to reach Europe for the fan­tasy of non-ex­is­tent El­do­rado. The con­di­tions of im­pov­er­ish­ment and the dan­ger­ous mi­gra­tion jour­neys un­der­score the con­tin­u­ing in­dig­nity of African life. In short, this di­alec­ti­cal con­di­tion of African dig­i­tal ad­vance­ments as well as the state of im­pov­er­ish­ment dis­closes an ex­traor­di­nar­ily com­plex sit­u­a­tion that pre­cludes easy and tempt­ing con­clu­sions about Africa’s ‘fail­ure’. These con­di­tions also give hope that all is not lost. In short, psy­cho-ide­o­log­i­cal re­cov­ery is pos­si­ble and the as­sump­tion of re­spon­si­bil­ity for self-ac­tu­ated de­vel­op­ment is im­per­a­tive.

The Ba­sis and Path­ways to Suc­cess­ful De­vel­op­ment

The ul­ti­mate ob­jec­tive of this col­umn is to in­vite psy­cho­log­i­cally and ide­o­log­i­cally free Africans to ac­cept pri­mary re­spon­si­bil­ity for Africa’s up­lift­ment and to un­der­stand the ba­sic and in­du­bi­ta­ble facts of the na­ture of suc­cess­ful so­ci­etal de­vel­op­ment his­tor­i­cally and glob­ally. The per­ma­nent and re­cur­rent fea­tures of the de­vel­op­ment path­ways are as fol­lows: a self-con­scious and op­ti­mally pa­tri­otic lead­er­ship elite un­flinch­ingly com­mit­ted to its so­ci­ety’s trans­for­ma­tion and el­e­va­tion; a lib­er­ated state sys­tem mil­i­tantly sovereign and non-de­pen­dent; a pub­lic ser­vice op­er­ated by a pa­tri­otic and well in­cen­tivized bu­reau­cracy as the van­guards and cus­to­di­ans of the na­tion-state; the con­cep­tion and de­sign of au­tonomous vi­sions of so­ci­etal trans­for­ma­tion and ad­vance­ment; the ac­cep­tance of pri­mary re­spon­si­bil­ity for self- de­vel­op­ment; the rad­i­cal ex­clu­sion of de­ter­mi­na­tive for­eign pres­ence; the em­place­ment of en­doge­nous so­ci­etal agency as the pri­mary psy­cho­log­i­cal/psy­cho-cul­tural mo­tive-force of de­vel­op­men­tal self-propul­sion; the so­ci­ety’s de­lib­er­ate cre­ation and self-equip­ment with its own de­vel­op­ment ca­pac­i­ta­tion sys­tem - that is the tech­no­log­i­cal and trained hu­man re­sources; so­ci­ety’s broad mo­bi­liza­tion of its peo­ple as co-builders; the use of mo­bi­lized na­tional fi­nan­cial re­sources and the en­throne­ment of na­tional and con­ti­nen­tal con­di­tions of mass pro­duc­tion, pros­per­ity, power and pride as the new nor­mal state of Africans ex­is­tence.

These are the non-ne­go­tiable re­quire­ments and ob­jec­tives of the na­tional and con­ti­nen­tal self-trans­for­ma­tion Agenda and Project. These path­ways to so­ci­etal de­vel­op­ment, trans­for­ma­tion and el­e­va­tion are un­vary­ing in con­tent, sit­u­a­tion­ally vari­able and uni­ver­sally ap­pli­ca­ble.

Re­cov­ery from the Can­cer of Sur­ren­der and Dis­em­pow­er­ment

In the case of long dom­i­nated Africa, it also re­quires heal­ing from the deep and can­cer­ous con­di­tion of aban­don­ment of self-re­spon­si­bil­ity and self-ac­tu­a­tion, sur­ren­der and servile de­pen­dence on ex­ter­nal agen­cies for thought, pol­icy and pro­gramme for­mu­la­tion and de­pen­dence on for­eign sources for the pur­chase of “de­vel­op­ment projects”. This is de­spite the fact that de­vel­op­ment by depen­dency on ex­oge­nous forces is a prac­ti­cal im­pos­si­bil­ity. Africa has been in this con­di­tion of pow­er­less­ness and ex­o­cen­tric di­rec­tion since in­de­pen­dence. It has there­fore un­avoid­ably failed to de­velop, trans­form and pros­per Africa.

This can­cer­ous men­tal, psy­cho­log­i­cal, psy­chic and ide­o­log­i­cal con­di­tion of African sur­ren­der and in­ca­pac­i­ta­tion can only be dealt with in the way can­cers are dealt with: that is through rad­i­cal surgery and the con­cen­trated tar­get­ing, as well as the sys­tem­atic and com­pre­hen­sive bom­bard­ment of all the can­cer­ous cells and the ex­pur­ga­tion and scrap­ing out of all po­ten­tial rem­nant cells that can reignite.

In prac­ti­cal terms this means de­vel­op­ing and in­still­ing, in­fus­ing, and in­cul­cat­ing into Africa’s po­lit­i­cal and bu­reau­cratic lead­er­ship, in­tel­li­gentsia and busi­ness lead­er­ship the lib­er­a­tory doc­trine of the im­per­a­tive and ul­ti­mate profitabil­ity of au­tonomous self-ad­vance­ment. This has been demon­strated in the con­tem­po­rary world by for ex­am­ple China, Tai­wan, In­done­sia, Pak­istan, Malaysia, Sin­ga­pore, Brazil, and oth­ers who chose the de­vel­op­ment path­way of self-equip­ment for self propul­sion to mass pro­duc­tion, self-gen­er­ated pros­per­ity, so­ci­etal up­lift­ment, pro­tec­tive power and na­tional pride.

The As­sump­tion of Re­spon­si­bil­ity for Lib­er­a­tion and Self Trans­for­ma­tion

This col­umn is there­fore partly a clarion call to all lib­er­ated, free­dom quest­ing and con­cerned Af- ri­cans to or­ga­nize for the re­newal of the stalled lib­er­a­tion move­ment. This is by self-con­sciously as­sum­ing lead­er­ship for Africa’s au­tonomous de­vel­op­ment; to re­ject all ex­o­cen­tric dis­em­pow­er­ing pur­ported de­vel­op­ment for­mu­las, dik­tats and pro­grammes and all other se­duc­tive ide­o­log­i­cal of­fer­ings from ex­ter­nal agen­cies that have kept the con­ti­nent in con­di­tions of ar­rested de­vel­op­ment ex­pressed in mass poverty, sur­ren­der, pow­er­less­ness and in­dig­nity since in­de­pen­dence.

The iden­tity of the or­ga­nized forces that are com­mit­ted against Africa’s take off and self-re­al­iza­tion are not hid­den and are well­known. They in­clude first and fore­most African lead­ers and elite who are pro­grammed to sub­scribe to and im­ple­ment dis­em­pow­er­ing be­lief in Africa’s de­vel­op­ment in­ca­pac­ity; ex­ter­nal mul­ti­lat­eral agen­cies like the World Bank, IMF and sim­i­lar for­eign agen­cies at the bi­lat­eral level; all coun­tries that ex­press by pol­icy and ac­tion con­sis­tent com­mit­ment against Africa’s free­dom and self-ac­tu­ated de­vel­op­ment and dig­nity; for­eign in­vestors that en­trap African so­ci­eties into un­vi­able and de­pen­dence-in­duc­ing and un­vi­able projects and many oth­ers that can be iden­ti­fied with foren­sic con­scious­ness.

There­fore, ad­vance this re­newed lib­er­a­tion move­ment, the col­umn is a call for all groups of free­dom lov­ing Africans to ac­cept and as­sume re­spon­si­bil­ity of be­com­ing the pri­mary or­ga­nized po­lit­i­cal, psy­cho­log­i­cal, in­tel­lec­tual, ide­o­log­i­cal and tech­ni­cal forces for con­ceiv­ing and cre­at­ing a new lib­er­ated African fu­ture. This Africa shall be cre­ated through con­scious and planned self-ef­fort into a land of mass pro­duc­tion, self-cre­ated pros­per­ity, eq­ui­table distri­bu­tion and jus­tice; free­dom from sur­ren­der to all shades and groups of colo­nial­ist do-good­ers and tran­sit into a new state of pride, equal­ity, con­fi­dence and re­stored racial dig­nity.

The ul­ti­mate ob­jec­tive of this col­umn is to in­vite psy­cho­log­i­cally and ide­o­log­i­cally free Africans to ac­cept pri­mary re­spon­si­bil­ity for Africa’s up­lift­ment and to un­der­stand the ba­sic and in­du­bi­ta­ble facts of the na­ture of suc­cess­ful so­ci­etal de­vel­op­ment his­tor­i­cally and glob­ally

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