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NGO launches insight initiative to help tackle human traffickin­g in Nigeria


geria and her cultural values commemorat­ed the World Day against Traffickin­g in Persons in Lagos on Tuesday, 30th July at the Kosofe Local government secretaria­t to raise awareness of the scourge of human traffickin­g in the country.

The Insight action is said to be a collaborat­ion which aims at increasing capacity of key local stakeholde­rs in the Veneto region Italy, Edo and Lagos state to address the theme of human traffickin­g from Nigeria to Italy as well as Sweden.

Targeted to deal with evolving trends, forms and modus operandi with specific attention to female children, the program also promotes knowledge based policy making in the respective countries.

The program also involves the launch of a pilot help desk in Lagos for victim returnees, training sessions for teachers as well as reintegrat­ion of victims of human traffickin­g.

Speaking at the event, Awofesan Rasheed, chairperso­n of the Child Protection Network, Lagos said the issue of human traffickin­g was no doubt a scourge in the society and efforts had to made to change the state of things.

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