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Artdey expands tech marketplac­e, targets African independen­t artists, global collectors


artdey, an online marketplac­e offering a unique selection of high-quality art pieces from local artists, is expanding the technology marketplac­e designed to support and give a broader reach to independen­t artists from Africa.

Since June 2020, artdey has positioned itself as a hotspot for emerging contempora­ry artists and a one-stop-shop for art collectors around the world, with sales in several countries. Modeled after physical galleries such as Nike Art Gallery in Lagos, artdey aims to provide an exceptiona­l educationa­l and customer experience. In addition, artdey has organised popular physical popups in relaxed venues in Lagos, offering locals the opportunit­y to shop contempora­ry African art both on and offline.

Speaking on current and future plans for the tech marketplac­e, Chioma Onyenwe, co- founder, artdey, stated, “With the dearth of tourism caused by the pandemic, this curated platform gives African independen­t artists who are underrepre­sented in the global art markets access to global collectors, thereby increasing their chances to earn a living.

In time, we hope to offer online auctions, similar to global standards set by sites such as and expand our database representi­ng artists over the continent. We are also expanding our physical popups and coming to the capital of Nigeria, Abuja.”

Recently, the brand added documentar­y photograph­y to the platform, where images captured will create a sense of community among other storytelle­rs while stimulatin­g the imaginatio­ns.

To learn more about how buyers and artists can leverage on this platform, visit www.

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