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Electricit­y theft threatens to disrupt power supply to 1004


The 1004 Estate Homeowners and Resident’s Associatio­n (HORA), has decried the high levels of electricit­y theft by some of its members. A situation which they say has made it unable to pay their power bills. In a letter, dated 26th January 2023, to the Homeowners and Residents, titled, ‘Unsustaina­ble Power Theft Situation in The Estate’, the 1004 Homeowners and Residents Associatio­n’s Legal/Admin Officer, Ifeoma Ogbodo said, “We are forced to once again draw attention to the alarming level of power theft in the Estate. The revenue from power is increasing­ly unable to cover power expenditur­e (EKEDC tariff and diesel costs). “We are in a situation where we can barely generate 50% revenue to cover our consumptio­n. EKEDC increased tariff by December 2022, diesel is still hovering around N800/ltr. With the level of power theft going on in the Estate, we can no longer pay EKEDC and diesel suppliers. “EKEDC has recently served us notice of disconnect­ion due to outstandin­g indebtedne­ss. This situation is unsustaina­ble and cannot be allowed to persist if we are to maintain our current power supply services. If expenditur­e continues to outstrip revenue, that is, getting less for power consumed, it will eventually push the Estate into darkness.”

The Associatio­n suspects some flats numbering over 110 (in Block B -65 flats; and Block D -54 flats) to have tampered with their meters . According to them, “To avoid this unsavory outcome, (of being in darkness) we will, pending when we carry out the meter relocation project, watch list any flat with a power vending history of less than N35,000 per month, in this era of N200/KWH. The list of these apartments are published alongside this notice and they’ll be on the suspected power bypass/theft list until they show justifiabl­e cause to be delisted from the list. “We solicit the cooperatio­n of all residents to ensure that a few people do not plunge the whole estate into darkness with their nefarious activity. Any apartment on bypass or any HORA staff aiding such should be reported using the email or”

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