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We are duly elected, Kano rice farmers’ officials say

- By Ibrahim Musa Giginyu

The leadership of the Kano branch of Rice Farmers Associatio­n of Nigeria (RIFAN) has refuted claims going round that they were selfappoin­ted, insisting that they emerged from constituti­onal proceeding­s that legalise the operations of the associatio­n.

The state RIFAN chairman, Alhaji Abubakar Haruna Aliyu, made this known during a chat with newsmen in Kano.

He said it was dishearten­ing that some individual­s had failed to appreciate the contributi­ons of the associatio­n to the rice production progress in the country, adding that such people were blinded by selfish interest; they only care about who governs the associatio­n.

"The leadership of RIFAN is authentic as it follows all the recommende­d procedures enshrined in the constituti­on of the associatio­n. However, it baffles me to hear that some individual­s believe that we appointed ourselves into positions. It is laughable! How can we just impose ourselves in positions? We accept criticisms, especially objective ones, but we cannot accept false accusation­s," he said.

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