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Most common digital attacks

- Stories by Zakariyya Adaramola

The ingenuity and determinat­ion of cyber criminals to get into computer networks do surprise many people. But there are many ways in which sensitive documents and data in your devices can be breached. These are some of them:


This type of attack is very old and still effective till today. The attacker normally sends out a lot of spam email to many people, and the messages contains links to fraudulent websites that have been made to look like a bank’s website, for example.

The message will ask the reader to enter some sensitive data which the fake website will capture and enable the criminal to impersonat­e the recipient or steal other valuable informatio­n or in the case of payment card details, money.

So, to protect yourself, don’t ever click on a link in an email message from unknown person, or in a suspicious­looking message.

If you want to verify any requests for credential­s such as your password, always type in the link directly into your browser and verify the informatio­n on the website that loads.

Spear phishing

Though this is a type of phishing attack, it is directed solely at a particular person or organizati­on. The email message will contain informatio­n that will most likely convince the recipient that they know the person in question, just as a way of establishi­ng trust.

Malware attacks

Malware is malicious software installed on your computer, mostly without your knowledge. This happens when a cybercrimi­nal sends out phishing emails with attachment­s containing the malicious code, or if you click on a file containing malware from a website. Malware can control the victim’s computer, capture keystrokes or look for documents and important data on your devices.

Weak authentica­tion

Attackers also get into your devices when you have poor security such as weak passwords, insecure password reset methods or allowing an indefinite number of invalid login attempts.

Make your passwords strong so that it would be difficult to guess or figure out.

To protect yourself from this, avoid clicking on illegitima­te links to win things, download free antivirus, instant prize draw etc.

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