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Ondo gov'ship: CTA calls for demilitari­sation of elections

- By Saawua Terzungwe

The Centre for Transparen­cy Advocacy (CTA) has called on the federal government and other stakeholde­rs to stop the militarisa­tion of elections in the country.

CTA, which was part of the monitoring groups in the October 10, 2020 governorsh­ip election in Ondo State, said elections were not war, hence the need to demilitari­se them.

The Executive Director of CTA, Faith Nwadishi, commended the electorate for their courage and determinat­ion in turning out en masse despite all odds during the

Ondo poll.

"While noting that there is nothing intrinsica­lly wrong with the presence of security agents as they serve as deterrent to miscreants, we hasten to caution that election is not war, hence we must start the immediate process of demilitari­sation of our elections,” she said.

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