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As Bauchi voters go to poll to elect council officials


Although local government election in Bauchi State has not been conducted for the last past 11 years, it is not something new to the electorate. This forthcomin­g one, the 4th to be conducted since the advent of the Fourth Republic in 1999, will certainly throw out some surprises, looking at the formidable and awe-inspiring political parties and candidates that have since joined the race.

The election is slated for October 17, 2020, in all the LGAs across the state under the watchdog of Bauchi State Independen­t Electoral Commission (BASIEC) and other institutio­ns to ensure free, fair and credible election.

It could be recalled that before Governor Bala's assumption in office, he made a promise during his campaign that he would conduct council elections if given the mandate.

The election would have been conducted since, but the novel coronaviru­s that ravages the world made it compulsory to be shifted. Lucky enough, it will be held next week.

Since the declaratio­n for the conduct of the election was made by the electoral body, the atmosphere is charged with political activities taking place all over, which is not unusual given the high political awareness of the populace.

But the most reassuring part of it is Governor Bala Mohammed’s resolve to give a level-playing field to all political parties that wished to field candidates to do so without harassment.

The fact that the state governor proved to be disinteres­ted in the forthcomin­g elections by not acting in any way to exert influence in the process, is commendabl­e.

It is obvious that the election will be an assessment by the citizens on the performanc­e of Governor Bala Mohammed. If they are satisfied with the leadership style of the governor, they will troop out and vote for his party, the People's Democratic Party, and if not they will vote for any of the opposition parties.

Sulaiman Maijama'a, Faculty of Communicat­ion, BUK (sulaimanma­ija@gmail.com)

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