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Court: Farmer to clean church premises for stealing


A Chief Magistrate­s’ Court in Gwagwalada, FCT, on Wednesday, ordered a 30-yearold farmer, Monday Gimba, to clean the premises of the Baptist Church in Kwali for one month for stealing five ceiling fans.

Earlier, the police charged Gimba of Pai village, Kwali, with three counts of criminal trespass, house breaking and theft.

Chief Magistrate Aliyu Shafa sentenced Gimba after he pleaded guilty and begged for leniency.

Shafa ordered the convict to clean the same church he stole from for one month under strict supervisio­n of the pastor and an official of the Nigeria Correction­al Centre.

In his judgement, Shafa said, “Taking him to prison will make him more hardened; with this punishment, it will make him to be more careful and useful.

“He is to clean the church and surroundin­gs for one month from 08:00am to 12:00pm from Monday to Friday under strict supervisio­n.

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