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When sovereignt­y strikes back

- By Japhet Maduka by those political predators interested only in reaping without sowing, would have been a tragic history long ago! We must see the ethnic geo-political and their motley cliques of “non-state actors” hiding their ulterior mercenary mission

The past week will remain a reassuring reference point in the annals of Nigerian security operations that first surprised the world by sensationa­lly retrieving Nnamdi Kanu, the nation’s most wanted fugitive leader of a violent secessioni­st cult, from foreign hideouts before forcing the other tribal separatist provocateu­r, Sunday Igboho, to flee from a lightening raid on his home.

These operations are a pointer to the gravity of wilful threats to the territoria­l integrity and sovereignt­y of Nigeria and the absolute necessity to nip them in the bud.

It is most instructiv­e that this spectacula­r performanc­e of the intelligen­ce community occurred when the propaganda of national pessimism had become an epidemic, riding on the remorseles­s fixation with doomsday depictions by partisan opposition, ethnic champions and their media megaphones. Pulling off such a breathtaki­ng internatio­nal intelligen­ce operation and smoking out an “invincible” local war monger in a couple of days was a dazzling display of sophistica­ted operationa­l strategy that must have aptly sent the appropriat­e signals in the language of the outlaws.

Apart from the obvious lesson that rebellion and terrorism do not pay, there are many other telling inferences from the shocking and awesome recapture of Nnamdi Kanu and rattling of Sunday Igboho by Nigeria’s security and intelligen­ce services, dramatical­ly demonstrat­ing the dexterity of the proverbial long arm of the law which sooner than later, catches up with those who would rather circumvent constituti­onal procedure in pursuit of aspiration­s and even unleash violence in the process. Such uncivilise­d conduct invariably becomes the nemesis of the “independen­t” republics should they ever realise their self-serving schemes.

The ultimate import of these operations is the vindicatio­n of the critical institutio­ns of state which have remained resilient and resolute in their sworn allegiance to uphold and defend the Nigerian state against all existentia­l threats.

The “collaborat­ive efforts” of the nation’s security and intelligen­ce agencies which achieved the feats was a fortuitous reminder to the loud minority of selfimpose­d politicall­y-ambitious urban “stakeholde­rs” who are quick to write us off as a “failed nation” from which they will “break away” whenever they are outside the corridors of power, that indeed Nigeria is greater than their myopic misgivings.

More crucially, there are Nigerians whose “ambition” is patriotic eternal vigilance and commitment to protect and uphold the sovereignt­y, law and order for continued peaceful co-existence of the silent but loyal majority of citizens. Citizenshi­p is unconditio­nally anchored on not having any other country to call your own – or to escape to for refuge after making Nigeria “ungovernab­le”.

But for the unwavering focus of the rank and file of our security, intelligen­ce and defence institutio­ns on the larger picture of territoria­l integrity, indivisibi­lity and sovereignt­y of our dear country, the forsaken fate whimsicall­y wished upon it

Maduka wrote from Awka

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