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Abuja @30 and the journey so far


Come December this year, we will celebrate 30 years of the movement of the seat of power from Lagos to Abuja, therefore kudos to the founding fathers who thought of this giant stride. So far, a lot has been achieved but we need to do more.

There are some gaps that need to be addressed to make Abuja a befitting nation’s capital. First, Abuja has six area councils, some of these area councils have not been fully developed, they lack basic infrastruc­ture. Also, the influx of people daily is over-stretching facilities in the city centre. Government should, therefore, shift its focus to the area councils.

Also, there is the need to carry the FCT residents along in the execution of projects to make them joint owners of such projects. This way they will protect them. The FCT Administra­tion should not just be awarding contracts to some favoured individual­s but the people and the communitie­s should be carried along.

Abuja ought to be growing in phases, but part of the master plan has been distorted. The government opened up Phase V of its developmen­t plan even though it is yet to complete Phase II.

Things are deteriorat­ing with beggars coming back on the streets and refuse piling up again.

The administra­tors of the capital must sit up to their responsibi­lities of making Abuja a capital that every Nigerian will be proud of.

They should adopt a modern and collective way of executing projects so that every resident will have a sense of belonging and pride in their city.

I agree with the assertion that followers have their problems but the leadership has more responsibi­lities. So if things are not checked in the next few years, considerin­g the influx of people, Abuja will end up one of the worst cities to live in.

Haruna Kabiru Tangale wrote from Abaji, FCT

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