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Improving Nigeria’s agricultur­al sector for economic growth


The most viable and sustainabl­e activity that can elevate Nigeria’s economic status rapidly, accelerate her technologi­cal advancemen­t and properly address the problem of youth unemployme­nt is agricultur­e.

Given her vast arable land, favourable climatic conditions, as well as the suitable bodies of water, Nigeria has great prospects for food security, which is one of the pillars that support a healthy society.

With a considerab­le population of youth, bubbling with energy and intelligen­ce, this when harnessed and fine-tuned toward agricultur­al activities, will give the sector the required manpower to grow.

For quite some time, successive government­s have come up with many programmes, policies and projects towards empowering youth, boosting agricultur­e, promoting export and stimulatin­g industrial­isation in the country, but still none seems to be working.

This is partly due to the failure of state and local government­s to key into and support these laudable initiative­s. The Anchor Borrowers, N-Power and One State One Product policies stand out, with promise to transform Nigeria into a producer rather than its current status of a consumer economy.

The governors, therefore, should wake up to their responsibi­lity, key into such programmes, provide the required support to boost productivi­ty in agricultur­e, and strengthen the economy for general prosperity.

Agricultur­e, when taken seriously, has the potential to not only ensure food security and nutrition for Nigerians but to also provide the raw materials for our industries. It would create employment for our teeming youth and promote a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.

Usman Aliyu Elnafaty, Fadamar Jaji, Bauchi

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