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Farmers alerted on adulterate­d fertiliser­s


The Cooperativ­e Society of Staff of Federal College of Forestry Mechanisat­ion, Afaka, in Kaduna State, has alerted farmers in the state to be wary of adulterate­d fertiliser­s sold in the markets.

The President of the Society, Maikano Samson, who raised the alarm at the commission­ing of its Multipurpo­se Agro-Allied Enterprise shop located at Afaka, Mando, in Kaduna, said it will help farmers to access quality and reliable fertiliser­s since the cooperativ­e has direct contact with blending companies.

According to him, the society commission­ed the shop as a source of revenue generation and also to ensure that farmers get genuine fertiliser, seeds and herbicides.

The Secretary General of the Society, Sama’ila A. Wandi, said the multipurpo­se-agro-allied shop will serve farmers not only in the rainy season but for dry season farming.

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