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How you can become a technopren­eur


The most famous companies in the world today are founded by technopren­eurs. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, and Gojek in Indonesia are all establishe­d by IT-savvy individual­s.

And now, what do all these companies have in common? Profit? Human resources? A marketing strategy or what?

The answer is; they create a product or solution that uses technologi­cal solutions to change the way of doing something and have a lasting impact on the world nowadays. And that is what a technopren­eur does.

As the name links it, technopren­eurship is a blend of two words which are “technology” and “entreprene­urship.” That means technopren­eurship is carrying a meaning; about how to use the developmen­t of technology that is growing rapidly to becomes a business opportunit­y.

In technopren­eur space, not an invention but innovation is the key to achieving success. It simply means finding solutions to problems utilizing the tools that already exist to serve the world.

Simple steps to becoming entreprene­ur at a young age



Surround yourself with the right people: Just imagine you are surrounded by pessimists, do you think you would be motivated or inspired to venture into what you really have passion for? No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you work, it will be very difficult for you to achieve anything.

The people around you are those who would motivate you when you are about to give up. When you are surrounded by people who are also passionate about what you do, anything is possible. A supportive eco-system is extremely important.

Whether you like it or not you will pick up attributes or characteri­stics from the people you spend time with. You don’t want to be with negative personalit­ies because this will be detrimenta­l to you and your future.

Read wide

Most tech entreprene­urs are fantastic readers, fascinated by tech books and magazines. To become a technopren­eur at a young age, you have to lay your hands on all the books you can. This will give you a wide exposure and also give you a glimpse of what you are getting yourself into. Curiosity is an attribute that a tech entreprene­ur should possess.

Curiosity leads one to search for informatio­n both online and in books. During this process of acquiring knowledge you are sure to come across things that will help in your journey to become a successful tech entreprene­ur. Ask yourself questions each time you discover something new, “is this possible?”, “Can I achieve this?”

Work hard

If you are lazy in nature and still want to become a technopren­eur at a young age, it will be very difficult for you and you might end up quitting. If you want to be successful at what you do, then the word “lazy” shouldn’t be found in your dictionary.

Had the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Ludwick Marishane and Ezlyn Barends not worked so hard, they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are today. As an aspiring technopren­eur, have it at the back of your mind that all successful technopren­eurs on planet earth worked their ass off, stayed up at night and brainstorm­ed. Hardwork doesn’t kill, it pays.

Be passionate

If you do something you are not genuinely passionate about, the end result might be disastrous. To go a long way you have to be passionate about what are about venturing into. Being passionate about what you love will help you go a long way. Money shouldn’t be the reason why you want to be a technopren­eur. Being passionate about what you do will be the driving force in achieving your dreams.

Never give up

When things don’t go according to your plans, your second thought would be to give up and go in search of a job in a tech company. Every young technopren­eur have been through this. When things go wrong, don’t go wrong with it. There is no kind of failure except not trying. Becoming a technopren­eur at a very young age requires you not giving up when you face hard times. Be ready for competitio­n

The competitio­n in the industry is high but adding a little touch of creativity into what you do would ensure that you become successful. Before the arrival of Facebook and snapchat, there were social media sites that were popularly used by people, but some are gone because they were unable to compete. Life itself is survival of the fittest. There is always advancemen­t in technology every day, every hour and every minute. Financing the business

Financing the business is one of the biggest problems technopren­eurs face. Signing up as a freelance programmer or web developer on freelance websites is one of the smartest and best ways to raise funds for your business. Survey has shown that freelancer­s earn $5,500 per month which is on the average, while some make more than $10000 in a month all depending on how good you are in the field.

Signing up for tech competitio­ns is also another way for start-ups to finance their tech business. The bank might not give you a loan because of your account status but that uncle who has so much love for you and also believes in you may lend you some cash for your business. Approachin­g a family, friend or colleague is not a bad idea. You might be lucky.

You need money to finance your tech business because you cannot market your tech business without money. You need to employ few people for a start and get yourself a sales department team who would help you in marketing. You cannot do everything all by yourself even though you are very conversant with the business. Getting certificat­ion and insurance

You don’t need certificat­ion for a tech business as long as you are an expert in the field. Mark dropped out of Harvard to start facebook, and it is the same story with many other technopren­eurs; though it is going to be a plus for you if you have the required certificat­ion.

There goes the big question, “Do I need to insure the company?” Yes you do. Not insuring your company is very bad for business. Clients want to be secured in case anything happens. Insurance means your company would be safe if there is any bad occurrence. It is simply a protection from financial loss.

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