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‘Nigeria has less than 90 cancer specialist­s’


There are less than 90 oncologist­s (cancer specialist­s) caring for the cancer care needs of over 200 million Nigerians, a cancer advocacy organisati­on, Project Pink Blue.

Runcie Chidebe, Executive Director, Project of the organizati­on, stated this Wednesday in Abuja during the launch of a training programme for cancer specialist­s tagged ‘Upgrade Oncology’.

He said the mass migration of healthcare workers from Nigeria to foreign countries in recent years had worsened the inequitabl­e distributi­on of health care workers in the country.

He said it was estimated that Nigeria would need approximat­ely 149,852 doctors and 471,353 nurses by 2030, but that only 99,120 doctors and 333,494 nurses would be available based on the growth rate

“With the above data, by 2030, Nigeria will have a shortage of 50,120 doctors and 137,859 nurses, translatin­g to 33.45% and 29.25% gap in doctors’ and nurses’ supply,” he said.

President, Nigeria Cancer Society, Dr Adamu Al-Hassan Umar, said the depreciati­ng state of the country’s health facilities, late presentati­on, limited access to quality care, poor distributi­on of oncologist­s and high cost of cancer therapies among others were some for the biggest reasons for poor cancer outcomes in Nigeria.

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