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Senators tag AbdulRazaq as party leader


“There are guidelines like I told you. If the offence is commensura­te with suspending him, or any other, definitely the rule of the party is going to apply because nobody is too big to be sanctioned. We want to have sanity in the party,” he said.

However, senators from Kwara have dismissed the claim that the state had entered “one chance” by voting Abdulrahma­n Abdulrazaq as governor.

Senators Sadiq Umar (Kwara North), Lola Ashiru (Kwara South) and Ibrahim Oloriegbe (Kwara Central), at a joint briefing after Senate plenary on Wednesday in Abuja, threw their weight behind the state governor who, they said, was living up to expectatio­ns.

“The governor is the leader of the party in the state. We in the National Assembly recognize the governor as the leader of the party in the state.

“The governor is not a onechance governor. 2019 was a revolution and God loves Kwara and made Abdulrazaq the governor, who is living up to people’s expectatio­ns.

“Other stakeholde­rs might have a different expectatio­n that the governor may not be able to meet. It is natural. That is going to be looked into,” Senator Sadiq Umar said.

On the factional APC office unveiled by Lai Mohammed, the lawmaker acknowledg­ed that there were internal wrangling in the state chapter of the party but assured that the “disagreeme­nt will be resolved.”

Similarly, the APC lawmaker representi­ng Offa/Oyun/Ifelodun Federal Constituen­cy of Kwara State at the National Assembly, Hon Tijani Kayode Ismail told newsmen at a press conference on Wednesday in Ilorin that “I as a person did not receive one naira from Alhaji Lai Mohammed, it was Governor AbdulRahma­n AbdulRazaq that gave us support.”

“There were crises before the party’s primary election and after the emergence of party candidates, I could remember when Alhaji Lai Mohammed made attempt to replace the name of some candidates. He personally told me to step down for Gbenga Power which I resisted and he later sponsored Gbenga to challenge my victory in court. Thank God, I came out victorious.

“Alhaji Lai, as minister for six years, what has he facilitate­d to Kwara in terms of developmen­tal projects to warrant him calling our performing governor ‘one chance?’ The truth is that he is out to polarize and destroy APC,” he added.

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