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Politician­s pressurizi­ng us to divulge informatio­n - NFIU

- By Idowu Isamotu

The Nigerian Financial Intelligen­ce Unit says some politician­s and senior government officers are pressurizi­ng its staff unduly to reveal some pertinent informatio­n or the operations of the unit to them.

It, however, warned concerned persons to desist from putting “illegal pressure” on the unit and stop inordinate requests for informatio­n from it, saying the unit does not release informatio­n for administra­tive, civil and business reasons or requests.

NFIU Chief Media Analyst, Ahmed Dikko, in a statement yesterday, noted that laws and standards of Nigeria only permit the unit to share informatio­n with law enforcemen­t, regulatory, defence and security and correspond­ing agencies in over 170 countries.

He noted that the unit shares the informatio­n with the countries because they are also co-owners and co-controller­s of intelligen­ce and compliance processes at all Financial Intelligen­ce Units.

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