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Electronic Transmissi­on of Votes


Our democracy has attained the legal age of maturity. Nigeria is ripe for electronic transmissi­on of votes because the country has resources to do that.

The rigging culture has become our electoral culture. It is becoming pervasive and if it is not checked, it will destroy our democracy.

Apart from the fact that the voters will know the outcome of the results as votes are counted at the polling booth, its transmissi­on electronic­ally will prevent interferen­ce by anyone who intends to change the results.

Electronic transmissi­on of election results will certainly improve the integrity of our elections and make us a shining example in the comity of nations.

However, there are other challenges against its success. These include irregular electricit­y supply, poor telecommun­ication network and lack of internet facilities in some areas.

These challenges could be overcome if government upgrades our communicat­ion infrastruc­ture to support the process.

I am appealing to the National Assembly to consider the electronic transmissi­on of election results in the amendment of the Electoral Act.

Bello Shehu Shuni can be reached through belloshuni­79@ gmail.com

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