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Still on security challenges


In recent times, Nigeria has been bedevilled by a plethora of security challenges. These challenges include insurgency, terrorism, banditry, that threatened the corporate existence of the country. But rather than analysing the issues as they are, people prefer to exploit them for their political interest. This is very unhealthy to our nationhood, poisonous to our democracy and corrosive to our developmen­tal efforts.

The safety, security and welfare of citizens are the primary responsibi­lity of any government, be it elected or otherwise. But this responsibi­lity is more binding on a democratic­ally elected government which popular support.

But a democratic government in its classic definition is not only the elected individual­s and their political appointees; rather, it is a collective role of all the citizens of the nation. Each individual has rights, privileges, responsibi­lities and obligation­s in running the affairs of the government.

The leaders can only provide policy framework, personnel as well as sundry parapherna­lia of maintainin­g the safety and security of the country. But the citizens must provide support in form of volunteeri­ng useful informatio­n of any suspicious person or group of persons in

claims his or her surroundin­gs. They must also support the security agencies in dischargin­g their responsibi­lities.

This can actually be enhanced by involving the people in the security architectu­re through the traditiona­l institutio­ns. These institutio­ns have the full knowledge of their area, the people’s culture, tradition and religious beliefs, and therefore know how to talk to them and engage them in securing their communitie­s.

The traditiona­l council knows all the farmers and their farms, all the herdsmen and their hamlets, cattle routes and grazing reserves in their respective territorie­s. Therefore, any person or group’s activities can be monitored while maintainin­g full surveillan­ce of their movements. The community leaders and their traditiona­l hunters know all the forests, bushes, creeks and other likely places criminals may use as their hideouts.

Thus, according the traditiona­l institutio­ns, specific constituti­onal roles in governance and security policy framework will surely improve national security, which will further enhance the economic prosperity of the citizens. The security of all is the responsibi­lity for all.

Usman Aliyu Elnafaty, DP 21, Fadamar Jaji Bauchi

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