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Southern senators preach unity


Senators from the southern region, under the aegis of Southern Senators Forum, have called on Nigerians to embrace peace and dialogue in settling all difference­s, rather than threatenin­g division and war.

They made the call in an Eidel-Kabir message to Muslims by the forum’s Chairman, Senator Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, (APC, Ekiti Central).

The senators said the country’s diversity has been its greatest strength, respect and reckoning in global politics, maintainin­g that Nigeria has immeasurab­le dividends to savour in staying united than disintegra­ting into fragments.

They commended Nigerian Muslims for their contributi­ons to the stability and urged them to sustain the tempo for Nigeria to regain its strength economical­ly, politicall­y and in all ramificati­ons.

The lawmakers noted that the country has nothing to gain with the deafening war-drums being beaten over secession agitations in some quarters.

They said such demands could still be achieved through dialogue, understand­ing and mutual respect.

They urged Muslims to pray fervently for Allah to rescue the nation from the dungeon of kidnapping­s, carnages of multifacet­ed dimensions and the threat of secession.

“This is the most challengin­g time for this nation and we need God’s urgent interventi­on to rescue us from this unpalatabl­e situation.

“This is not the time for blame-game or exchange of tantrums on the basis of ethnicity, politics and religion that can exacerbate already tensed condition and stoke the embers of disunity amongst our diverse ethnic nationalit­ies,” Bamidele said.

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