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Shun unpatrioti­c conduct, Masari tells elite


Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State has called on Nigerian elite to support the federal government by avoiding unpatrioti­c conduct which casts the country in a bad light.

The governor spoke against the backdrop of recent calls by prominent Nigerians on internatio­nal bodies and foreign powers to interfere in the nation’s internal affairs vis-a-vis the security situation in the country.

In a Sallah message signed by the Director General, Media, Abdu Labaran Malumfashi, Governor Masari observed that “As a sovereign nation, Nigeria deserves the respect of foreign nations whatever their status on the global stage may be.

“For any compatriot to wilfully call on foreign powers to meddle in the internal affairs of Nigeria is to display the highest level of unpatrioti­c tendencies.

“No responsibl­e citizen, least of all those who are the foremost beneficiar­ies on the commonweal­th would encourage foreign powers to interfere in the internal affairs of their nation, regardless of its adversitie­s,” he said.

Masari charged the Nigerian elite “To borrow a leaf from their counterpar­ts in those foreign powers and guard Nigeria’s sovereignt­y jealously.

“In those climes, the leading citizens partner with the government­s to protect and advance national interest. They do not go to the marketplac­e to expose the perceived inadequacy of their leaders”.

“At these trying moments, what the nation’s leadership requires is support by way of concrete advice in private, not going public with unsubstant­iated accusation­s which defy reason and logic,” he said.

For those wrapping the insecurity situation in the country in religious and ethnic cloak, the Katsina State governor further noted that “Adversitie­s do not respect any boundaries, be they religious, ethnic or regional. The insecurity buffeting the country is not limited to one section of the country or affecting only one ethnic group or the adherents of only one religion. It doesn’t spare even social status”.

While calling for more commitment­s and prayers from Nigerians for the continued survival of the nation as one corporate entity, he urged Muslims to look beyond the merriments and focus on the lesson of the Eidel-Kabir, which is sacrifice in obedience to the Command the Creator, Allah (SWT).

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