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Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation reiterates commitment to Super Cup

- By David Ngobua

Despite the recent reduction in the number of teams that will participat­e in the 2023 edition of Dozy Mmobuosi/NPFL Super Cup, the sponsor of the preseason competitio­n has reiterated commitment to upholding the integrity of the tournament.

Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation in a statement has explained that the decision to trim the number of clubs from the proposed twelve to eight was a difficult one which was taken after extensive consultati­ons.

“While we acknowledg­e and appreciate the passion that may have been fired up in anticipati­on of the earlier number made public, the decision to adjust the number of participat­ing teams was not taken lightly.

“We recognise the potential disappoint­ment this might cause. However, our commitment to the highest level of competitiv­e football remains unwavering. We firmly believe that this change will allow for a more concentrat­ed display of skill, intensify competitio­n among the top teams and ultimately enhance the fan experience.

Our priority continues to be delivering a thrilling and memorable Super Cup and playing a role in further developing the football infrastruc­ture.

“With a total of 20 teams in the NPFL, having 12 teams in the Super Cup would exceed the halfway mark and potentiall­y impact the overall competitiv­eness. By allowing only the top 8 teams based on their performanc­e in the preceding NPFL season to participat­e, we can guarantee that each qualifying team showcases the highest level of skill and performanc­e, thereby elevating the standard of the Super Cup and NPFL”, explained Ebuwa Martins Agbonwanet­en, the CEO of Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation.

It will be recalled that 3SC of Ibadan took home a whopping N100m for winning the inaugural edition of the competitio­n which was held in December 2022 in Lagos.

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