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Multipolar world in focus as Russia hosts 2nd int’l congress

- From Hamza Idris, Moscow

More than 300 representa­tives from 130 countries were in Russia for the second congress of the Internatio­nal Russophile Movement (IRM) which was held from February 26 to 27, 2024.

The participan­ts, with diverse profession­al background­s and religious persuasion­s, were drawn from all the continents of the world.

IRM, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the administra­tion of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was created in 2023 in Moscow.

One of its aims, according to the founders, is to counter the antics of bipolarism being championed by the West, and champion a world in which fairness is the norm and the beliefs and cultures of people are not polluted.

IRM also opposes the unleashed campaign of Russophobi­a, as well as canvasses support for the Russian humanitari­an and cultural presence in the world with the participat­ion of representa­tives of countries, religions and political beliefs.

Those who spoke at the event, among them Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov; Foreign Ministry spokeswoma­n, Maria Zakharova; and philosophe­r, Alexander Dugin; emphasised the indispensa­bility of a multipolar world order, dialogue of cultures and civilisati­ons, protection of traditiona­l values, opposition to Western hegemony, persistent destructio­n of the institutio­n of the family, and most importantl­y, a peaceful world.

In his speech, the Vice President of IRM, Souleymane Anta Ndiaye, from Senegal, noted that Western propaganda was deeply entrenched in Africa, hence the need for an alternativ­e narrative.

He said Africa and its people were suffering a lot and, therefore, were in support of a multipolar world that would support their social, economic and cultural emancipati­on.

Ndiaye noted that he was happy with the impressive participat­ion of African delegates and expressed confidence that they had a lot to offer going forward.

Multipolar­ity - the idea that there are many important global powers, not just a few superpower­s - also aims to achieve economic interdepen­dence, cultural pluralism, diplomacy and multilater­alism, technologi­cal advancemen­t, security, cooperatio­n, adaptabili­ty and flexibilit­y.

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