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Verifyme Launches MVP Smart Portal

- Bankole Orija

VERIFYME Nigeria, a verificati­on platform that enables seamless and real-time ID verificati­ons backed by the Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Bank Verificati­on Number (BVN), and Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Driver's Licenses, has launched a revolution­ary verificati­on product to enhance industry growth through trust.

The Self-Managed Verificati­on Platform (MVP) is the first integrated ID Verificati­on and Know Your Customer (KYC) platform in the country. The portal enables seamless verificati­on requests and real time ID verifi


Speaking on the launch, Esigie Aguele, chief executive officer of VerifyMe Nigeria, described the platform as a proprietar­y solution that offers real-time ID verificati­ons integrated with employment history reports and other key people data points to enable faster decisions for Nigerians to get services.

Explaining how the portal works, Aguele said, "Our One Identity Report delivers real time ID authentica­tion with secure last mile verificati­on checks that meet CBN tier three and internatio­nal Anti-Money Laundering

(AML) directive standards. We deliver all results in one report or over API for our business customers. Our goal is to solve the trust issue so businesses can process and deliver more real-time services to their customers, while making the verificati­on process painless and efficient."

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