Tak­ing proper care of your ears

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Our ears are one of the most vi­tal or­gans in our bod­ies. Their func­tion can’t be overem­pha­sized. That’s why tak­ing good and proper care of your ears can go a long way to­wards your longevity and its over­all health. Dr. Muham­mad Umar of Bwari Gen­eral Hospi­tal, Abuja gave some tips to ob­serve to en­sure that your ears stay as healthy as they can pos­si­bly be.

Earplugs are your best friend: Es­pe­cially when you are in en­vi­ron­ments where there’s a lot of loud noise, like con­struc­tion sites or a lot of chat­ter, us­ing earplugs can shut out all the background noise that may af­fect your ears and even save you a headache.

Turn it down a notch: Some of us can go hours on end lis­ten­ing to loud mu­sic with our ear­phones. This can be a ma­jor cause of hear­ing loss, per­haps sooner rather than later. To know the right vol­ume set­ting that is okay, if you can hear when you are called, then it is fine.

Your ears need rest too: Af­ter at­tend­ing events like a con­cert, or any other thing that ex­poses you to loud noise for an ex­tended pe­riod of time, it is im­por­tant for your ears to have some peace and for your eardrums to re­cover. Say no to cot­ton buds: Us­ing cot­ton buds to clean your ears ac­tu­ally does more harm than good, es­pe­cially when you force it into your eardrums. It can cause a lot of dam­age to your ear canal. Visit a physi­cian to clean your ears prop­erly, us­ing the right tools.

Keep them dry: Mois­ture caused by wa­ter pro­vides a breed­ing ground for bac­te­ria, which can cause in­fec­tions. So af­ter tak­ing a shower or swim­ming, gen­tly towel-dry your ears or tilt your head and force the wa­ter out. Wa­ter in­side your ears can also cause pain in the ears.

Go for check­ups: Hear­ing loss isn’t an overnight thing; it is grad­ual. Go­ing for reg­u­lar check­ups will help a lot in iden­ti­fy­ing any sign con­cern­ing your ear health. Get the wax cleaned prop­erly when due, as this will make for good hear­ing, even in old age.

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