Haters can­not stop your dream

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Come now there­fore, and let us slay him, and cast him into some pit, and we will say, ‘Some evil beast hath de­voured him’: and we shall see what will be­come of his dreams.” Gen­e­sis 37: 20.

Joseph re­lated his dreams to his broth­ers; they hated him and con­spired to kill him. Their tar­get was his dream. They were say­ing it would never hap­pen. They were try­ing to stop his fu­ture. Herod tried to stop the fu­ture of Je­sus. Pharaoh at­tempted to stop the des­tiny of Moses. Satan may have used cer­tain peo­ple to try to stop your fu­ture. He may have also used cir­cum­stances. The at­tack in your present is aimed at stop­ping your fu­ture. But I came with good news; no one can stop you from be­com­ing what you are des­tined to be.

Let me share the fol­low­ing facts and lessons with you from the life of Joseph get in­spired. Focus on where you are go­ing and what you are try­ing to achieve. Focus on the plan of God for your life. Focus on the God in you rather than the prob­lem around you. The Greater One on the in­side of you can change the cir­cum­stances around you!

3. Great dreams at­tract great envy. Great suc­cess will at­tract great per­se­cu­tion. Not ev­ery­one will cel­e­brate you. Peo­ple who envy you be­lieve you are bet­ter or that you are go­ing to be bet­ter. What I am say­ing is that those who are jeal­ous of you be­lieve in your fu­ture. Why don’t you be­lieve it your­self ? If they could not pre­vent you from be­ing born, they can­not pre­vent you from be­com­ing great. Peo­ple will at­tack you and per­se­cute but that must not stop you. What peo­ple say about you is not as im­por­tant as what God said about you. God does not need the per­mis­sion of any­one to ful­fil your des­tiny. Be wise in com­mu­ni­cat­ing your dream. Never lis­ten to ev­ery­thing said about you.

4. Joseph failed but he learnt from his mis­take and moved for­ward. Your val­ley must not be­come your grave. The fear of fail­ure must not pre­vent you from mak­ing the next move. We all, like Joseph, be­gin ig­no­rant but we must not re­main ig­no­rant. That you can­not move a moun­tain now does not mean you will never be able to move it. Re­mem­ber this: Your moun­tain can­not grow but you can! As long as you keep grow­ing, one day what looks like a moun­tain now will look like a mole hill. Fifty thou­sand naira may look big now but if you keep grow­ing soon it will be like pocket change.

5. Use your ad­ver­sity to de­velop your ca­pac­ity. Ev­ery raw ma­te­rial con­tains the fin­ished prod­uct but it takes pro­cess­ing to bring it out. There is a whole chicken in the egg. Touch your neigh­bour and say I am a com­plete pack­age.

Pro­cess­ing takes pain and dis­com­fort. Job said, “When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” Job 23:10

Two things are im­por­tant devel­op­ment of the ea­glet: 1) The right amount of heat 2) The storm. The right amount of heat makes the egg to hatch. God knows the right amount of heat re­quired to bring out the best in you. God did not per­mit the heat to de­stroy you but to hatch some­thing big­ger than you think, some­thing that can fly. The heat brought God into the fur­nace where Shadrack, Me­shack and Abed­nego were. The heat drove Han­nah into a des­per­ate prayer that re­sulted in the birth of Sa­muel.

If you will trust God, that heat will lead to your pro­mo­tion and break­through. Your af­flic­tion was not de­signed to make you bit­ter but bet­ter. Com­fort has a way of mak­ing us com­pla­cent. It is said that when the ea­gle wants to teach its chicks how to fly, it starts to tear the nest. As the young bird be­gins to fall, the mother flies right un­der it with wings open and catches the chick. But the young ea­glet learns some­thing. It ob­serves the mother spread out its wings. Its mother takes it up the nest and pushes it out un­til in des­per­a­tion, it spreads out the wing and be­gins to fly like the mother.

Ea­gles were meant to fly not snug­gle up in the nest all their lives. I learnt to fly through the storms of my life. Now I can ride the storm. Ev­ery prob­lem re­veals your strength or weak­ness. It shows where you need to build. Prob­lems and dif­fi­cul­ties force you to grow.

When life hands you lemons make le­mon­ade. When life hands you a storm, ride on it like the ea­gle. When life hands you heat, in the cook, bake or hatch some­thing with it.

Sui­cide is not an option. Sui­cide is a per­ma­nent solution to a tem­po­rary prob­lem.

6. Where you are go­ing is more im­por­tant than where you are com­ing from. Joseph for­got his past in or­der to gain his fu­ture. He for­gave his broth­ers and re­leased him­self to pur­sue his dream. He saw the hand of God in his des­tiny. He said, “You meant it for evil but God meant it for good.” Gen­e­sis 43:26; 45:3 - 8; Gen­e­sis 50:18 - 21

a. Those who per­se­cute you will never go free be­cause “it is a right­eous thing with God to rec­om­pense tribu­la­tion to all them that trou­ble you.”

b. Those who tried to stop your progress will one day con­grat­u­late you.

7. Who is with you is more im­por­tant than who is against you. Gen­e­sis 39:2, 21& 23 says “the Lord was with Joseph.” If God be for us who can be against us? God is big­ger than your en­e­mies. He will not let you fall or fail. You are God’s pro­ject: He will not aban­don you. He told Ja­cob, “I will not leave you un­til I fin­ish My plan.”

I’m glad to let you know that what they said did not come to pass. They said it will never hap­pen but God made it hap­pen. Your dream will be­come re­al­ity. Hold on a lit­tle while, you will be crowned as God said. In due time, your dream will be­come re­al­ity.

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