All you need to know about fa­cial wax­ing


Fa­cial hair can be very em­bar­rass­ing, which is why we hardly talk about it or ac­knowl­edge it, even amongst our­selves. In a bid to stop it from be­com­ing no­tice­able, some of us re­sort to re­mov­ing the hair by wax­ing it off de­spite how painful it can be. But for new­bies, we have gath­ered a few must-know tips be­fore you de­cide to wax off those pesky hairs off your face.

Al­ways prep your skin be­fore wax­ing: Cleans­ing, ex­fo­li­at­ing and mois­tur­iz­ing is key in pre­par­ing your face. But also, be very care­ful with ex­fo­li­at­ing so that your face doesn’t be­come too sen­si­tive.

Be­ware if you have fre­quent break­outs: If you have acne or are very prone to break­outs, then you should be cau­tious be­fore do­ing a fa­cial wax. Peo­ple who are prone to acne tend to have oily skins and large pores, which don’t do well with wax­ing. So it’s best to con­sult a pro­fes­sional be­fore go­ing through with it. No oint­ments and treat­ments: All those oint­ments and chem­i­cal peels you have been us­ing need to take a back seat if you are go­ing to do a fa­cial wax. The skin on your face is sen­si­tive

enough, and be­comes even more sen­si­tive af­ter wax­ing. So in or­der to avoid any type of ir­ri­ta­tion, you will need to lay them off for a while.

Ex­pect some red­ness: As men­tioned ear­lier, you can’t com­pare the skin on your face to the rest of your body. So ex­pect that even af­ter the wax­ing, your face will be red until prob­a­bly the next day.

Longer re­sults: Wax­ing isn’t like shav­ing or any creams you might use. It re­moves the hair right from the roots, so you will have smooth, hair­less face for a longer time.

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