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I am thirty three years old with three kids. I no­ticed that any­time I sneeze or cough deeply, urine drib­bles from my pri­vate part. Also since my last child two years ago, there has been some dis­charge from my vagina. The drib­bling of urine is em­bar­rass­ing. Please ad­vise me. Han­natu, Lokoja

From your com­plaints you are likely to be hav­ing utero-vagi­nal pro­lapse (UV pro­lapse) with as­so­ci­ated stress in­con­ti­nence. The re­peated de­liv­er­ies es­pe­cially if as­so­ci­ated with dif­fi­cult labour, un­timely push­ing dur­ing de­liv­ery makes the mus­cles of the pelvis weak. So there may be de­scent of the uterus and the blad­der. The weak­ness also af­fect the mus­cles help­ing to main­tain urine con­ti­nence so that un­der strain like when you sneeze or cough, some amount urine will es­cape.

You will need to see a Gy­nae­col­o­gist for as­sess­ment and may be sur­gi­cal in­ter­ven­tion. Though some could be cor­rected with ap­pro­pri­ate ex­er­cise.

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