Ther­apy for cracked, flaky feet

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Dur­ing the har­mat­tan sea­son, the environment tends to be very dry, caus­ing a va­ri­ety of skin prob­lems. One of those prob­lems is a cracked and flaky feet. It is a com­mon prob­lem, which can oc­cur in both adults and chil­dren. But it seems to af­fect women more of­ten than men. Cracked feet can cause dis­com­fort, to the point that it can be­come painful when not treated in good time. What you should not do dur­ing har­mat­tan • Use of hot wa­ter dries the skin more. Make use of wa­ter be­tween warn and cold for bathing or clean­ing feet. • Take max­i­mum of 15 min­utes when tak­ing your bath. It is not ad­vis­able to dip the feet into wa­ter for a very long time. • Use of harsh soaps and too much scrub­bing can in­crease dry­ness. • Don’t walk around bare­foot dur­ing cold weather. What you should do dur­ing har­mat­tan Make use of pe­tro­leum jelly, co­conut oil, olive oil and glyc­erin to pre­vent cracked feet and main­tain the soft­ness of the skin. Ther­apy for cracked flaky feet • Ap­ply balm daily to in­crease skin elas­tic­ity. • Al­ways wear shoes to pro­tect your feet from cracks. • Keep your feet in warm wa­ter or soapy for about to 20 min­utes. • Use foot scrub­ber or pumice stone to re­move any hard skin. • Ap­ply a feet balm or mois­tur­izer to the af­fected area. • Ap­ply pe­tro­leum jelly over your feet and al­ways put on socks to avoid cracks on your feet.

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