Apps to kick-start the New Year in top shape


With the ad­vent of smart­phones and dif­fer­ent cal­ibers of gad­gets, there’s no deny­ing the fact that they have made life eas­ier. And the app stores are filled with dif­fer­ent ap­pli­ca­tions to help you in stay­ing as healthy as pos­si­ble. Here are a few apps to down­load to help you start the New Year on a health­ier note.

Run­keeper: This app helps in keep­ing track of your daily runs, so it helps you show how far you have run, the days you have slacked, and de­vel­op­ing a work­able sched­ule for the runs so that you won’t feel the urge to quit. Calo­rie counter and diet tracker: Keep­ing tabs on what you have been eat­ing and your calo­rie in­take plays a ma­jor role in de­vel­op­ing a diet that will ac­tu­ally tell you how many calo­ries you have con­sumed Sleep bet­ter: There are a num­ber of apps that can record how much sleep you get, but this also uses other fac­tors that may af­fect the qual­ity of sleep you get so that you can fully un­der­stand your sleep­ing pat­tern and work to­wards a bet­ter night rest. Headspace: This med­i­ta­tion app helps you de­velop a rea­son­able med­i­ta­tion habit that won’t con­sume too much time in your day, but ef­fec­tively help you de-stress and un­wind from the ac­tiv­i­ties and emo­tional dis­tress of the day.

Habit­bull: Habit­bull makes a game of your new healthy life­style habits so that you have in­cen­tives not to break them and show your progress that will make you think twice be­fore aban­don­ing ship. Af­ter all, consistency is key in any health jour­ney. With ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion from the in­ter­net

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