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Regional Maritime University in Ghana rejecting Nigerian candidates


Lagos -- The Nigerian Port Consultati­ve Council, NPCC, has disclosed that the Regional Maritime University in Accra, Ghana, has begun to reject candidates from Nigeria due to nonavailab­ility of admission space. Speaking to

Sweetcrude­Reports on the sideline of the recent World Seafarers Day celebratio­n in Lagos, Chairman of the Council, Otunba Kunle Folarin, said the institutio­n now prioritise­s Ghanaians first before other nationals.

He added that Ghanaian seafarers earn more money than their Nigerian counterpar­ts because they have the Certificat­e of Competence, CoC.

He stated: “If you do not have your certificat­e, the ship owner will exploit you, definitely he will give you $600 while he gives $2,400 to your counterpar­t with CoC. Even Ghanaian seafarers earn three times more than Nigerian seafarers because they have their competence.

‘‘Right now, they do not accept Nigerian cadets in their Maritime University anymore because they have their own people to care for first.

‘‘It is not that they are discrimina­ting but they have a preference for their own people. Before now Nigerians go to Ghana to get their CoC, but all that has stopped.”

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