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Lawmaker assures Delta people on passage of Maritime University Bill


Maritime University Bill to ensure an easy passage. If communitie­s in Oron where the Maritime Academy of Nigeria is located are enjoying five percent, I don’t see why our communitie­s in Delta should not enjoy 10percent.

“I assure you that we will panel-beat the existing law and bring it to first reading and within one week, we should go into second reading,” he said.

On the 13 percent oil derivative fund, Elumelu explained that the ongoing constituti­onal review seeks to correct the skewed derivation formula and commended the people of Delta State for participat­ing in the public hearing on constituti­onal review.

He stated: “For me and my colleagues at the House of

Representa­tives, we are totally against the marginalis­ation of host communitie­s. We are saying that 13 percent is not enough for states that are suffering the brunt of crude oil and gas.

“We deserved more than 13 percent and that is what the constituti­onal review is trying to address. The House has set up a committee on host communitie­s, to understand the yearnings and aspiration­s of host communitie­s , particular­ly oil and gas host communitie­s.”

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