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Oshikokhai Tolulope Dolapo: Entertainm­ent's Fast Rising Star

- By Ayodele Oshikokhai What is your most experience challengin­g

How I started my journey into the industry is a funny story. Whenever am all alone I tend to get really bored so I started listening to radio. I got acquainted with the radio lifestyle and from there I started writing scripts and other stories. I became creative. So at some point I started visiting the radio station where I was learning basic things about the media and all sorts. And I just woke up one day and said, you know what, I really want to do this.

I got my first job at a radio station and it started from there. I started TV presentati­on, content creation, modeling, blogging then I did advertisin­g and voice over jobs. Then I moved into acting, red carpet hosting and others. Then ambassador­ship deals came in. You know, it was just fun and it kept on

So far, my most challengin­g experience is the fact that I was auditionin­g for a job and I was super qualified for it but I wasn't given the job because I didn't look big enough for them. They wanted someone who was born with money, with big physique, big butts and all that. So I didn’t fit in because I was super slim then, so I didn't get the job. That was like the most challengin­g experience for me. You know, when you are good at what you do and you just get kicked out because you don't fit in physically. So, yeah, I think that's the most challengin­g part so far in my career.

I used to say hard work and consistenc­y will always get you to the top in the industry. If you are hard working and you are not consistent, you don't get the best attention. But when you're consistent with what you do and you're hard working, then you will normally be called for jobs and opportunit­ies will come your way. And again, you should be open to learning new things. You know, you have to evolve with the world.

I think it’s always going to be present not only in the entertainm­ent industry but in other industries as well, in the banking industry, educationa­l sector,

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