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Outbreaks Of Koi Herpesviru­s (KHV) Disease In 2021

- By Dorcas Funmi

United Kingdom - The Fish Health Inspectora­te (FHI) have found Koi herpesviru­s (KHV) disease in fish at the following sites in England and Wales.

KHV is a serious viral disease of fish and is a listed disease in the United Kingdom. It affects all varieties of common and ornamental carp species (Cyprinus carpio) and can result in large scale mortalitie­s. Fish with KHV disease may show the following signs, especially when water temperatur­es are between 16 to 28 °C: necrotic (white or brown) patches on the gills rough patches on the skin and sloughing mucous sunken eyes

You must contact the FHI if you suspect an outbreak of KHV. This includes fish with the above signs, or deaths of carp or carp hybrids.

There is no risk to public health.

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