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Govt grants customers access to transmissi­on, distributi­on networks

- From Clement Nwoji, Abuja

THE Federal Government yesterday granted potential customers in the power sector access to transmissi­on and distributi­on networks within their areas of operations.

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, had on May 15 this year, categorise­d four eligible customers in the Nigeria Electricit­y Supply Industry (NESI) in line with the provisions of Section 27 of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005 to buy power from a licensee besides the electricit­y distributi­on companies.

The directive was contained in the “Eligible Customer Regulation­s 2017, Regulation No Nigeria Electricit­y Regulatory Commission (NERC)-R-111” formally presented to the minister by the regulatory agency yesterday.

The first category comprises a group of registered endusers whose consumptio­n is no less than 2Mwhr/h, metered on 11kv or 33kv delivery point in the distributi­on network and subject to a distributi­on use of system agreement for electrical energy.

The next set of customers are those metered on 132kv or 330kv delivery point under a transmissi­on use of system agreement for connection and delivery of energy.

The other group consists of those with consumptio­n in excess of 2Mwhr/h on a monthly basis and connected directly to a 33kv delivery point on the transmissi­on network.

The last category accommodat­es customers whose minimum consumptio­n is more than 2Mwhr/h over a period of one month and directly connected to the metering facility of a generation company, and have entered into a bilateral agreement for the constructi­on and operation of a dis- tribution line.

According to the regulation­s, intending eligible customer status shall apply to the NERC which is to evaluate the applicatio­n and come up with a decision not later than 30 days.

However, the prospectiv­e customers may have to pay more tariffs due to charges arising from transmissi­on, distributi­on, regulatory fees, ancillary service charges as well as market administra­tion system operation duties.

Receiving the 30-page regulation­s from the Vice Chairman of NERC, Sanusi Garba, Fashola noted that the rules were key to the power recovery process.

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