The Guardian (Nigeria)

Nigerians develop Simless operator, digital walking stick

- Bankole Orija

RESEARCHER­S at the Federal University of Technology [FUT] in Minna, Niger state have developed prototypes of Simless multiple operator and mobile communicat­ions-enable walking stick, thanks to grant by the Nigerian Communicat­ions Commission (NCC).

The two innovation­s demonstrat­ed at the NCC headquarte­rs in Abuja, are expected to solve problem of drop calls associated with bad quality network among the telecom operating companies in the country, and could reduce domestic accidents among the aged people who often live alone, according to the researcher­s.

Prof. Abiodun Musa Abinu, lead researcher, said the Simless data and voice connection over multiple operator-enabled SIM card will enable Nigerians to have just one SIM card that can automati- cally have access to all the telecom operators’ networks.

‘’We are talking about you having one SIM card for all networks or having one mobile phone with one SIM card for all networks we are talking about applying this thing to all available network.

‘’We are talking about disrupting the eco-system in the telecommun­ication industry in the sense that with just one SIM card you can access the available network without porting or buying multiple SIMS’’, Prof Abinu who is a mechatroni­cs engineer said.

According to him, the walking stick is about having a walking stick that has anything you can imagine – your mobile phone is embedded in it, obstacle avoidance and then it has means of communicat­ing with your healthcare givers. He said, ‘’People carry a lot of phones or SIMS as a result of quality of service and you are not certain of the network strength of an area.

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