Tithe: Let’s Get It Right

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SIR: I have re­alised that keep­ing quiet in the face of dis­hon­esty is UNGODLY and see­ing peo­ple do­ing or fol­low­ing the wrong lane which you know but could not re­trieve their steps by guid­ing them in the right path is equally UNGODLY. It is very un­for­tu­nately that some churches now pro­duce “Tithe Forms” or Cards for each of their mem­bers in or­der to keep records of tithe pay­ment so as to eas­ily mon­i­tor and spot those who pay their tithes and like­wise iden­tify those who don’t pay. The “men of God” from the churches in ques­tion go af­ter mem­bers who fail to pay their tithes and trou­ble them to do so as if these mem­bers have bor­rowed money from them but don’t want to pay back. Is that fair? It is high time truth is told; peo­ple should be en­light­ened and res­cued from the hands of these men of God. Many of these peo­ple who pa­rade them­selves as men of God care more about en­rich­ing them­selves with of­fer­ing, funds, and other con­tri­bu­tions from church mem­bers. They pay lips ser­vice to the truth gospels that sup­posed to be preached for peo­ple to change, re­pent and be saved.

If this prac­tice per­sists, I am afraid that one day many peo­ple will be barred from at­tend­ing church ser­vice for not pay­ing their tithes. It is not doc­u­mented any­where in the Holy Bible that Je­sus Christ keeps records of his fol­low­ers who pay tithe and trou­bles those that were not pay­ing to do so. He only ed­u­cated peo­ple about tithe by let­ting them know that if they fail to pay their tithes, it means they are rob­bing God. Note: it is not recorded any­where in the Holy Bible that tithes must be taken to the church and be paid to a priest be­fore it will be ac­cepted by God. Stop mis­lead­ing peo­ple please.

Pay­ing of tithe must not nec­es­sary be in the church. One can feed the poor with his or her tithe and God will be happy, one can con­vert his tithe to schol­ar­ship and is­sue it to a child whose par­ents may not af­ford to ed­u­cate him in school and God will ac­cept and be happy, one can take the re­spon­si­bil­ity of some­one’s hos­pi­tal bill by us­ing his or her tithe and God will be glad. The list is end­less. It should not be only church, it must not be given only to the pas­tors or men of God be­fore it will be recog­nised as tithe, forms or cards must not be pro­duced for the mem­bers of your church be­fore they pay their tithes, records on tithes’ pay­ment must not be kept be­fore your church mem­bers could pay tithes and you must not go ask­ing them for tithe be­fore they can pay. Note that LOVE con­quers all. Please, fo­cus your preach­ing more on lov­ing one an­other, preach peace and unity, kick against cor­rup­tion in your preach­ing, preach the truth fear­lessly even when the pres­i­dent is in the church or mosque, even when the state gov­er­nor is in at­ten­dance, even when a min­is­ter is sit­ting there in the church, even when there is a sen­a­tor or any other po­lit­i­cal of­fice holder in the con­gre­ga­tion. When the spirit of God is in you, you don’t com­pro­mise and you don’t feel scared when telling the truth. When you preach about LOVE and your mem­bers’ em­brace it, they will pay their tithes will­ingly with­out be­ing pres­surised be­cause LOVE con­quers all. Awu­nah Pius wrote from Mpape, Abuja.

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