Bib­li­cal Wom­an­hood

The Guardian (Nigeria) - - IBRU CENTRE - By Emer­i­tus Prof.mer­cy­o­lu­mide

It is a spir­i­tual realm es­tab­lished in the hearts and lives of be­liev­ers. He ad­min­is­ters His king­dom by spir­i­tual means— the word and the Spirit.

When­ever be­liev­ers fol­low the lord­ship of Christ, the Saviour is ex­er­cis­ing His rul­ing or kingly func­tion. From this, we un­der­stand that His king­ship is more con­cerned with Je­sus’ reign than with the realm over which this takes place. When we pray “Your king­dom come” as we do in the Lord’s prayer (Matt. 6:10), we have in mind this present rule of Christ the King.

Christ’s king­ship is also present to­day in the nat­u­ral world. Christ is the One through whom all things came into be­ing (John 1:3) and through whom all things are held to­gether (Col. 1:17). He is in con­trol of the nat­u­ral uni­verse as He demon­strated dur­ing His earthly min­istry (Mark 4:35-41).

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